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Hey there! Still haven´t got a new computer so yeah.. XD Anyway, hope you had a great X-mas and I wish a great 2014 to you all! thanks for making the world more awesome! keep it up! :D
Hi everyone!

Well I've been even more innactive than ussual, this because my computer died a while ago, the technician said the screen and graphics card died and were the reason of everything and I'm currently saving for a new (hopefully similiar) laptop xD

So that's why! hehe Hope everyone's doing fine! Keep being awesome :D

25 or how the day arrived.....

Fri Jun 7, 2013, 11:14 AM
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"Hello there~"

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It was a pretty common day, with a pretty simple family celebration, with a lot of FB messages, with simple but great gifts.... And i realized something: it's not what you do, what you receive or how many people greet you, it's feeling loved and knowing you are loved; it's knowing you reached goals and overcoming obstacles, it's having dreams and knowing you may have a tomorrow to fight for them.
That's true happiness for me and I feel not only blessed, but complete! 
Thanks to you to who are reading this entry, because you are part of my happiness :D
Keep being awesome! :dummy:

En Garde 2013

Mon Dec 24, 2012, 3:40 PM
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"Hello there~"

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Well, year is ending, so it's time to look forward to a new great year! To keep it simple: HAVE A GREAT-TASTIC NEW YEAR! Squish it until you have the best year of your lives! xD Love y'all! :D

Merry x-mas

Well it has been a quite different Christmas this year since my grandpa passed away just a couple of weeks ago, but fortunately everyone took it as it is, a natural part of everyone life :) but anyway,  this is a time of family, friendship, union and peace, things that should be a constant and not something of a particular date, so if i have learned something from this experience, is that life is not only precious but short,  so value every precious moment and enjoy life with others. Celebrate to your heart's content with your family, friends and GF or BF (if you have one :iconforeveraloneplz:) Life don't take us pretty serious, why should we take it that seriously then? xD

Peace out, best wishes and happy holidays no matter what you believe in!! :dummy::santa:

Commissions still OPEN! :D

Mon Jul 9, 2012, 7:33 PM
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"Hello there~"

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Commissions - Open by SweetDuke   PayPal Only Stamp by PaulJPowers


I'm opening 5 slots in total! Digital, Colored, half/full body, chibis and character design!
First come, first served~~
You can check info,  prices and rules here: Commission Info  
:star: Purchases above $13 USD get 10% off total price!
  • UPDATE: Despite my rules, I'll accept doing fanart of animes/mangas if I'm confortable with the request, so just ask!


Hay 5 campos en total! En digital, a color, medio o cuerpo entero, chibis y diseño de personajes!
Primeros que llegan, son los primeros en ganar el campo~~
Mira la info, precios y reglas aquí: Info de Comisioines
:star: Compras por más de $13 USD tiene un 10% de descuento!
  • ACTUALIZACIÓN: a pesar de mis reglas, aceptaré hacer dibs de personajes de animes/mangas si me parece que pueda hacerlo, entonces solo pregúntame!!

Commission List

:star: 1::iconicepowers: (Paid and Done!)
:star: 2:
:star: 3:
:star: 4:
:star: 5:

:star:Please check this entry regularly because of any change (if you have an ongoing commission, changes won´t affect it whatsoever):star:

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:Currently drawing a (digitally/USD only! (PAYPAL can change currency))::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

:thumbsup:Human OC's or fan made characters (Half/full body; chibi) or human character designs
:thumbsup:Very simple anthro, mecha and vehicles (I'll be very selective ^^;)

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:-Not currently drawing-:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

:bulletblack:Manga/anime official characters.
:bulletblack:Animals in general
:bulletblack:Complex vehicles/anthro/mecha

:star: :star: Ask if you're unsure of my do's and dont's:star: :star:

:bulletgreen:Commission types and prices:

*Take note that everything is on color, you can specify cellshade, softshade or painted-kinda-style :D*

:star:Half Body or Chibi: $10 USD
Additional character: +$5 USD
A little gift for Whit by Thouy1 Archery is cool xD by Thouy1

:star:Full Body: $15 USD
Additional character: +$7 USD
Altruism? by Thouy1 Zev-AoHC S3 Exam by Thouy1

:star:Character design: $20 USD
Additional character: +$10 USD
(full body, back and front; clothes and accessories; w/o Background by default, maybe a simple BG if you specify it)

:star:Half and Full body include a Simple background by default, and Chibi and character design come without a Background; but you can specify something else. Consider that Complex or elaborate Backgrounds can add from $5 to $10 USD.

:dummy:Interested? :dummy:Then please take your time reading the following rules, remember getting all the info right for a purchase it's essential ^_^

:bulletgreen:"Ordering a Commission" process:

:bulletblue:Fill up the "Commission Order" form (shown at the bottom) and send it to me via note or email ( with "Commission order" as Subject.

:bulletblue:You will receive a reply as soon as possible with the total price, the aprox. time I'll spend and my PAYPAL account info. Your icon/name will be added to the Commissioner List.(link to be added soon) *If you don´t receive a response after 3 days please re-send the order if you are still interested*

:bulletblue:Please send half or complete payment (is up to you) right after and note/ email me. No work will begin before I receive it. (here's a brief explanation/example on how to do it:… or you can make your own inquiry too :D) (PayPal can change to USD if your currency isn´t that one)

:bulletblue:When I receive the payment, I'll send you a note/mail confirming it and asking more info/refs if needed; and start working on it. (Yay, bureaucracy! xD) (I'll send you previews from time to time)

:bulletblue:Finally, I'll note you when the work's done, and also e-mail you the work. *Whole payment should be sent before I mail you the finished piece*

:bulletblue:If you're satisfied, come back anytime and /or recommend me :thanks:

:bulletgreen:Final things to take note of

1) In rare cases I can politely decline your order if I think I won´t be able to satisfy you as a customer. I want to offer a good service ;)
2) I can display the commissioned art pieces in any accounts that belong to me or in an art portfolio, but you will be credited.
3) My work speed is variable but kinda slow, if you need a specific deadline please include it on the Commission Order Form (below) so we can discuss it.
4) Please: no rushing! I will note you if I delay or something.
5) Don´t send payment without me accepting your order. It won´t be refunded.
6) No refunds unless I can´t complete the job ^^;
7) No edits when the work is done

:bulletgreen:Commission Order Form:

Name: (Deviant ID)
Contact: (email)
Commission Type and painting style: (from the above)
Background of Choice: Simple/None/Other(describe it on the Pic idea)
Number of characters:
Brief description about your character(s):
Link for reference pictures: (at least one to see the chara/s)
Link for reference from my gallery: (if you see the need of)
Title: (Your commission title/None)
Picture idea: (if you have an specific idea for the work e.g. like poses, etc)
Estimated Deadline:  (Add a reasonable deadline please!)
Size: (if you want a specific size in pixels or inch. Default and maximum will be A4 depending on the picture itself)
Work file type: (JPEG, BMP, etc.) (in case of the PSD file, I tend to merge/work in one layer BTW. BE WARNED).

If you have any question/doubts/etc.; just ask!~ xD And please take a look on my gallery so you can see what can you expect from me :D
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:star:Por favor revisa esta entrada regularmente por cualquier cambio (si tienes una comisión en progreso ningún cambio le afectará):star:

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:Dibujando actualmente (Digital/ sólo USD! pero PayPal hace las conversiones de moneda)::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

:thumbsup:OC's humanos o personajes inspirados en series/juegos, etc. (Medio o cuerpo entero; Chibis) o diseño de personajes humanos.
:thumbsup:Anthro, mecha and vehículos muuuuy simples (en esto seré muy selectivo ^^;)

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:-No estoy aceptando-:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

:bulletblack:Personajes oficiales de Manga/anime.
:bulletblack:Animales en general
:bulletblack:Vehículos/anthro/mecha complejos

:star: :star: Pregunta si no estás segur@ de lo que dibujaré/no dibujaré:star: :star:

:bulletgreen:Tipos y precios de comisiones:

*Todo a color, puedes especificar celshade, softshade o estilo como de pintura :D*

:star:Medio cuerpo o  Chibi: $10 USD
Personaje adicional: +$5 USD
A little gift for Whit by Thouy1 Archery is cool xD by Thouy1

:star:Cuerpo entero: $15 USD
Personaje adicional: +$7 USD
Altruism? by Thouy1 Zev-AoHC S3 Exam by Thouy1

:star:Diseño de personaje: $20 USD
Personaje adicional: +$10 USD
(En cuerpo entero, frente y revés, ropas y accesorios. Sin fondo por defecto, pero puede ser uno simple si lo especificas)

:star:Medio y cuerpo entero incluyen un Fondo simple por defecto; Chibi y Diseño de personajes sin fondo pero se puede especificar algo diferente. Ten en cuenta que Fondos complejos o elaborados añaden entre $5 a $10 USD.

:dummy:Interesad@? :dummy: Entonces tómate un tiempo para leer estos lineamientos. Recuerda, tener toda la info para una compra es esencial ^_^

:bulletgreen:"Proceso de "Ordenar una comisión":

:bulletblue:Llena el formulario (al final de esta entrada) y envíamelo por una Nota o al correo ( con "Orden de comisión" como Asunto.

:bulletblue:Recibirás una respuesta lo antes posible con el precio total, el tiempo aprox. que duraré y la información de mi cuenta PAYPAL. Tu nombre/ícono se agregará a la Commissioner List (lista de clientes, digamos).(link por ser agregado) *Si no recibes respuesta luego de 3 días, reenvía tu orden si sigues interesad@*

:bulletblue:Envía la mitad o el total del pago (lo dejo a tu parecer) justo después y una Nota/email. No comenzaré ningún trabajo antes de esto. (Aquí hay una pequeña explicación pero en ingles ^^;:…) (Recuerda: PayPal puede cambiar tu moneda a su equivalente en dólares)

:bulletblue:Cuando reciba el pago, te enviaré una nota/mail confirmando y pidiendo más referencias/info, si fuera necesario; y comenzar el trabajo. (Te enviaré vistas previas del trabajo de tanto en tanto)

:bulletblue:Finalmente, te notificaré cuando termine y enviaré el trabajo terminado al correo. *El pago completo debe hacerse antes de enviarte el trab. terminado*

:bulletblue:Si estás satisfech@, vuelve cuando quieras y/o recomiéndame :thanks:

:bulletgreen:Cosas finales que debes considerar

1) En casos aislados puedo declinar tu orden si creo que no podré satisfacerte como cliente. Quiero ofrecer un buen servicio ;)
2) Puedo subir trabajo ordenados en cualquier cuenta que me pertenezca o en una carpeta de arte, pero te daré el crédito de la imagen.
3) Mi velocidad de trabajo es variable pero lenta, si necesitas una fecha límite, porfa inclúyela en el formulario para poder discutirla.
4) Por favor: sin apurar. Si me atraso, te informaré.
5) No envíes pagos sin que yo acepte tu orden. No devolveré este dinero.
6) No doy devoluciones a menos que no pueda terminar el trabajo ^^;
7) No editaré el trabajo una vez terminado y entregado.

:bulletgreen:Formulario para ordenar comisiones:

Nombre: (Deviant ID)
Contacto: (email)
Tipo de comisión y estilo: (de los de arriba)
Tipo de fondo: Simple/Ninguno/Otro (descríbelo en la "Idea de la imagen"
Número de personajes:
Breve descripción de el/los personajes.:
Link para imágenes de referencia: (por lo menos una para darme una idea)
Link de referencia de mi galería: (si lo vieras necesario)
Título: (de la pieza/Ninguno)
Idea de la imagen: (si tienes una idea específica del trabajo: eje: poses, etc.)
Tiempo para fecha de entrega:  (Uno que esperarías pero bien razonable por favor!)
Tamaño: (si lo quieres en un tamaño específico. Por defecto y máximo es A4, dependiendo de la imagen en sí)
Tipo de archivo del trabajo:: (JPEG, BMP, etc.) (En caso de querer el .PSD, tiendo a unir/trabajar en una sola capa. Te lo ADVIERTO).

Si tienes dudas/preguntas, etc.; sólo pregunta!!~ xD Echa un vistazo en mi galería para ver qué puedes esperar de mí :D
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Sat Jun 30, 2012, 6:20 PM
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"Hello there~"

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Someone gave me a premium as an anon, but know that I'm deeply gratefull to her/him (I got a clue who might that person be TuT so please tell me so I can give you back my love, gratitude and a pic if you want):iconawwwplz::heart::heart::heart:

I'll also continue with the commission project, just for fun and use of my free time. So stay tuned for more info, I'm starting soon:dummy:

Alguien tuvo la belleza de regalarme una subscripción premium pero como anónimo, a esa persona todo mi cariño y agradecimiento (aunque creo saber quién fue :D):iconawwwplz::heart::heart::heart:

Además continuaré con la idea de las comisiones, así que sigan en sintonía por que ya casi tengo listo todo :dummy:


ENG: I would like to save a little for updating to premium, so I've thought on doing commissions.
Then again, I know I don´t have a lot of watchers and ain´t so popular, but if I opened for bussines, will you commission/feature me? And then, what kind of prices are fair? :faint:
If you want to stay "anon" send me a note with your answer please :D

Me gustaría ahorrar para tener una cuenta premium, por lo que he pensado en hacer comisiones.
Se que no tengo muchos watchers y que no soy muy popular que digamos, pero si ofreciera este servicio, me contratarías o harías propaganda? Y luego, cuales son como los precios más justos?
Si prefieres quedarte en el anonimato, puedes mandarme una nota con tu respuesta :D

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:star:Final Update (I guess xD):star:
Well, it was awesome! More greetings and best whishes than I could even imagine from friends both far and near, lots of my fave food, cake and family company.
I just wanted to say thanks again to everyone that took some time to say happy B-day to me and to show off this super gift I got from :icondreamerwhit::… (can´t show the thumbnail, but here's the linko! :dummy:

That's all for today! Mmm 24 are not by any chance bad xDD

Well well, just a random journal entry to say something about my birthday xD I cannot believe I'm this age already but whatever xD Since I get a wish today, I wish everyone have a great day and a long a happy life!! See you around!
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Hi! just wanted to wish everybody who read this the best christmas EVAH! Party hard but don´t forget to tell everyone you love, that you love them xD :party:

My best wishes for all my friends from dA (you know who you are :dummy:), specially on the next year!!! Have fun, there will be 365 new days to smile, be creative, rest and work xP :iconlatiasyayplz:

Keeping it short, Happy holidays!!!


Anipan+AoH Secret Santa 2012!!!

Thu Nov 17, 2011, 10:28 AM
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"Hello there~"

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Hi hi everyone!

Got an Anipan acc., no use still but whatever:!24198

In other news:
This is a journal entry for 2012 secret santa event for the group :iconaohc: :D

For my secret santa, this are this years choices xD (same as last year Oh god why?!):

1)Zev: You kid by Thouy1 Zev Second semester by Thouy1 Zev-AoHC S3 Exam by Thouy1 Zev chibi by Thouy1

2)Matt: Matt Doodle 1 by Thouy1 Archery is cool xD by Thouy1

3) Valiss: PR- Vass' Character Card by Thouy1

As I suggested last year, you can draw them doing something, whatever you want (be creative please~(but not yaoi or something like that o.o)), change their clothes, with a friend (or a girlfriend XD), blablabla... Thanks! :dummy:

Oh remember: Commissions - Open by SweetDuke More…

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I just wanted to make an entry for all the sites/social net's and stuff I'm in XD:

Deviantart: you're looking at it :dummy:





Skype: luis.atur

Soooo, yeah, that's all, if you want to go and say hello on one of them, you're very much welcome to do it XD

Have a nice day~ :icongrin--plz:
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Soooooooooooo. this is my firts time tagged so let's see what happens XD

Got tagged by :iconninjanu:

The Rules:
x You must post these rules.
x Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
x You have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
x Go to their pages and tell them you tagged them.
x No tagbacks.

1) I love to draw (really? thanks mr. Obvious!!!) but I draw boys better than girls :S
2) I'm at uni and study Counseling (or something like that XD)
3) Haven´t ever falled in love or felt it for anyone :O
4) Can cook (my specialty are desserts :D)
5) Always dress on formal or semi-formal clothes, really
6) Like to play DDR
7) Sometimes I'm in love with myself and sometimes I don´t even like to look myself in the mirror (if you get what I mean ^^;)
8) My 3 personal goals in life are to make a manga, write a book and create a language (I have other goals, but these are from my childhood haha)
9) Am always depressed but despite that I'm always smiling, joking and seeing the bright side of life ^^;
10) My music tastes are pretty random, one moment I'm listening electronic, and the next I'm hearing heavy metal, then instrumental, then blablabla XD

Hope I haven´t bored you with this hehe, have a nice day/afternoon/night!

Aaaand i'll tag 10 random people how would like to do this hahahaha (I mean you!)
Well then, this is a short message to wish you happy holidays! I hope you have great times and ejoy with your loved ones! Take care and keep it cool!

Bueno, este es un mensaje corto para desear felices fiestas! espero que pasen un buen rato y que disfruten con sus seres amados! Cuídense y que lo pasen pura vida!

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Well it's been 3 months since I started using my dA account for real, I've learned a lot from a lot of people and met a lot of nice people and great artists; I feel like home now :iconiloveyouplz:

Well, now that I've said how i feel (XD), my most recent achievement was to enter to :iconaohc: so one of the great this you can do is a character profile, so here's mine :peace::

:lock: Zev Zari :lock:

Age: 17
Birthdate: March 14
House: Roseus
Height: 5'9"
Race: human?
Eye color: light green
Hair color: gray like XD
Pets: not yet
:bulletred: Personality:

- Very calm and positive
- Friendly
- Veeeeryyyy innocent
- Always trying to smile
- Takes almost everything like a game
- Loyal
- When fighting, takes it too seriously
:bulletred: Likes:

- Missions
- Martial arts
- Smoothies (LOL)
- Meeting new people
- Open spaces
- Nature
:bulletred: Dislikes:

- Getting dirty
- Being late
- Feeling angry
- (can´t imagine anything else -_-')
:bulletred: Background:

The only child of one the Zari Family's main branches, and one of the candidates to the family's leadership. The Zari family is a great military force, mainly for it's members great amount of Eden (the known magic force). While kind-hearted, because of his parent's pride, had a cold and merciless training since he was a kid, not knowing very well what it is to have a real family, but had a small number of friends within his relatives. Despite that, he is one of the elite members of the family.

Zari members wear a common uniform with a lot of chains and hidden weights to train while doing daily shores and some magic bracelets to suppress their powers to make them do a greater effort to become better at magic usage.
:bulletred: People met so far:

:bulletred: Roseus:

Stella Morolev:
First in welcoming Zev to AoHC and a Roseus member Character link

Ashley Finn Archer:
A full-of-energy woman that met Zev upon entering AoH Character link

Xak Tsuboki:
Asked Zev to be friends (or made him his friend ???) An upperclassmen XD
Character link

Kristi Lynn:
Another Roseus classmate that met Zev XD Character link

:bulletblue: Azureus:

Dysdamion Argyros:
From Azureus house, a little shy but Zev asked him on being friends, part of Zev's friendly nature. Character link

A selfconfident girl that Zev met recently Character link


I hope there will be more to it, we'll see.
BTW excuse my english if I make some mistakes XD (and please correct me if you want :D)

Any comments, quietions, etc; please do them!

Bests of luck to everyone!!!
P.D.: Idea taken from :iconraveofvampires: